Products and Services

Lighting, Emergency Lighting, Fire Detection
Lamps & Tubes
Cables, Cable Management and Cable Accessories
Wiring Accessories – domestic, commercial, industrial
Switchgear & Fuses
Space Heating, Water Heating
Security Access Control
Site Electrics
Tools and Fixings
Speakers – commercial, industrial, indoor, outdoor

Lighting Design. We can arrange for a lighting design to be drawn up to your requirements either off plan or should you so require arrange for a site visit by a lighting manufacturers representative.

Fire Detection and Emergency Lighting Design: We can arrange for designs to be completed compliant to the latest regulations.

Power Control Design. Similarly should you require assistance for any power control requirements or assistance in design, we are able to arrange for a manufacturers representative to visit and discuss any requirement that you may have

Lamp Disposal. We also offer a lamp disposal service, which includes recycling as required by current legislation. We can arrange for either collection of lamps you may have on site or the deposit of containers for lamp disposal. We will also provide a completion certificate once the lamps have been disposed of correctly.